Fat Tony

fattony1What more can be said about Fat Tony that hasn’t already been said ? Not a lot … he might make it so you have a hard time shufflin’ the deck if ya know what I mean. Since I already have a difficult time randomizing the cards it’s worth my time to inform you that Fat Tony is the host of the Lunch Money Game.

Not the original host, Fat Tony assumed the role of host after ‘losing’ a roommate when he ‘moved to Las Vegas’. In the past year the game has been played in three distinct locations. The official word is that Fat Tony was moving … it might be too late, but now that I think about it somebody should probably go check on his other roommates.

Fat Tony’s a smart, tight aggressive player that wields his chips as if they are offers that can not be refused. His shrewd plays at the table have made him the EMHD super-proxy and makes the Lunch Money Game sort of a weekly payment plan for those of us that are allowed to sit at the table.


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