Opportunity: Free Week of Deuces Cracked

Sorry that I haven’t been more active lately.  Between my day job and some personal travel, I haven’t had any time or energy to even play poker, let alone post anything to the site.  Humblest apologies to our demanding readership!

Anyway, Guido alerted me that you can sign up for a free week of videos, reading, and forums on Deuces Cracked.  For those of you unfamiliar, Deuces Cracked is a poker education site, with videos, forums, and articles from professionals.  You can also search for an engage coaches to improve your online game.  I have been watching a few of these series, and I certainly enjoyed what I’ve picked up here.  The video pros are incredible, and it’s certainly worth your time.

After the 1 week free trial, you will be automatically charged $29.00 a month, but if you’re grinding it out online, you can quickly learn and improve and make the investment well worth it!  Happy poker-ing!


0 thoughts on “Opportunity: Free Week of Deuces Cracked

  1. From my limited experience with some of these training sites, I think Deuces Cracked may be the best. After I try some other sites, chances are that I will get a membership here.

    Anything from Venesa Selbst (fslexcduck), whitelime, Krantz, DJ Sensei, FoxwoodsFiend, jsnipes28 are good videos to look out for.

    I will burn on DVD what I have, but if you can d/l more – particularly 5/10NL and higher as well as any Omaha stuff, that would definately help me out.


  2. I have DL’d pretty much all of the micro/mid level videos that they have, plus all of Krantz’s NLHE work. The new Duck video is amazing. Highly recommended. Duck’s micro PLO series is a great introduction to the basics of that game. I’m currently watching the “Movin’ On Up” series, which is a nice focus on the 25NL game.


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