Upcoming Games

A somewhat action-packed week ahead. Tomorrow we will observe Pinata’s departure from the East Coast with a SHOE or HORSE game at Fat Tony’s. Expected to be in attendance: Fat Tony, Pinata, Guido, MH62, Hulk, Nate, Dan, and Texas Crint. We’re playing $1/$2 with a $.25 ante on the stud games and $.25/$.50 (probably with a $1 straddle much of the time) on the Omaha games. Should be a rip-roaring good time with Pinata stories and perhaps some surprises…

EMHD #3 kicks off Saturday at 3 PM. We’re going to celebrate the occasion with a little brunch action and a $20 HORSE tournament. Winner gets bought in to the tournament. Expected participants: Hulk, MH62, Dan, Jocko, Pinata, Shawn, and I. Should be fun and interesting.

Lots more entries to come as we bet, trap, fold, and bluff our way along!


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